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EUR/GBP: the retracement holds the upswing

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EUR/GBP at H4 interval; source: TMS Direct
EUR/GBP still cannot breach the 50 pct retracement at 0.8525. The weakness of the demand can lead to deeper decline, but it is worth to wait for a clear signal of supply activation. The instant support can be found at 0.8450 (i.a. 24th Aprils low and 38.2 pct retracement), if broken, support moves to 0.8400 (i.a. 20th Aprils top and 61.8 pct retracement). Decline to this level would be equivalent to the closure of the post-election rising window. Alternatively, extending increase and breaching above 0.8525 would lead at least to 0.8575 i.a. 61.8 pct retracement.
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