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TMS Starter: September 17

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From the Asian session on Tuesday mainly highlights a weakening of the Australian dollar, which is losing 0.5%, due to the publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the RBA. The exchange rate of the EUR/USD remains above 1.10, that of the GBP/USD is at 1.2420 and after the return of Japanese investors from the bank holiday due to the day of respect for the elderly (third Monday in September) the rate USD/JPY made another attempt to separate from 108.00. It can be argued that markets (except oil) have digested weekend attacks and have calmed down.
  • Australian monetary authorities have reduced interest rates twice this year and reduced the cost of money from 1.50 to 1.00%. In the document that contains the record of the discussions of the last meeting, we find other unequivocally moderated advice. Decision-makers intend to keep rates very low for a long time and even see the possibility of further loosening. AUD/USD, which shot at 0.69 in early September, has been building a maximum formation in recent days, and now is the time to implement it and descend towards 0.6820. Similarly, you can see the NZD/USD, which fell more than 100 pips from the recent highs around 0.6450.
  • In the stock markets, after Mondays declines in the main stock market indicators, it is time to calm the mood. The DAX contract falls a little less than 0.2% at night. and futures in the S&P500 are at the minimum plus. The price has closed the gap down and they are struggling to stay above 3,000 points.
  • The price of oil after the attacks of the weekend remains at very high levels. The WTI barrel is valued at more than USD 62 and the Brent barrel at more than USD 68.5. Although Saudi Arabia and the United States suggest that Iran is responsible for the attacks, this is not the official position. Trump said Iran seems to be behind the attack but would like to avoid an armed escalation. He also said that the United States would help Saudi Arabia, which does not mean they would defend it. The voltage drop can be seen in gold prices, the price per ounce is below USD 1,500.
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