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Fridays trading in the markets seems less nervous with currency stabilization and rebound attempts in Asian indexes. The risks present on Thursday have not disappeared, but it is not updated.
  • The pressure to escape the risk stopped at night. The USD/JPY pair, which fell to 108.25 yesterday, today rebounds to 108.60.
  • The rest of the FX market is drifting, probably already thinking about the weekend. The EUR/USD was still approaching 1.1030 on Thursday afternoon. There is a modest recovery of risk currencies against the USD, but fluctuations close at 0.2%.
  • Wall Street ended the day unchanged (S&P500 + 0.08%), which prompted to reverse Thursdays declines by Asian indexes. The Japanese Nikkei225 grows 0.7%, while Hang Seng gains 0.2%. The Shanghai Composite returns to contrast and, for yesterdays increases, with a fall of 0.4%.
  • There was little on the subject of the commercial war. The White House economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said the parties are approaching the signing of the first phase agreement, but that President Trump is not yet ready to sign. In short, nothing new.
  • Gold reflects the calm of moods and trades at 1464 USD/oz.
  • WTI oil is growing 0.2%, reaching USD 56.9 per barrel, which is still 90 cents below Thursdays highs, from which the price fell after a DoE report indicating an increase in stocks.
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